A Present Day Moses…The Trump is sounding are you listening?

It’s time to set people free. Free in their minds and hearts.  Many people talk about what Harriet Tubman did and yet no one is carrying the baton. Harriet got us to the promised land and now we have to do something to keep it. Black People are individually in it for themselves and trying to fit into a place that they are not welcome in.  Do you think that an enemy that you forced to release you is now your friend?

I hear all of the speeches and videos and marches and rallying on the problem and yet, no one has solutions and no changes are made.  The fight for having a White President that hate Black People and Make America Great Again through God knows what is on his mind, should be a sounding trumpet!  As I look around America has been great for the past 7 years.  The cost of gas is low. People have their jobs and homes, and bank accounts and cars and the list goes on so what is not great about America right now other than the fact that a Black man did it.  Now a White man wants to move into the office and take credit for that.  I remember the state of this nation when the last Make America Great Again was in it.  I remember watching shoes being thrown at his head.  But the hatred for having a Black man in office is stronger than remembering how bad this country really was.

There are too many successful Black People in America that are just sitting by and doing nothing. It is clear where this country is heading. It’s time for Black people to listen up and love themselves and have pride about themselves.  If you are not wanted by a race of people come out of denial, love yourself and change what you are doing. You have the power to change the world for Blacks.  It is called the dollar bill! You don’t have to raise  no Black Power fist, just the dollar bill.

At the end of the day, the Country is controlled by greed and guess what Black people, God has blessed many of you with the amount of money collectively that will create a whole New World for Black people.

Sharing your many comments on Facebook gets you noticed by your haters and friends but it does nothing to impact change.  However, Black owned Banks, Shopping Malls, Hair Stores, Eatery places and you name, let’s see how fast that will get attention.

So I appeal to the Black race.  Love yourselves first.  Put your money where it belong.  In a  place that will keep your children off of the slave block!



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