The year Now is 2016.  The New Headlines are as follows:

  • Police kills Black Man
  • Black Man killed Cops
  • Trump’s for President so that he can Make America Great Again
  • Speaker at the RNC accuses President Obama of not being Christian but
  • Speakers at the RNC accused of throwing up a Nazi sign to Trump
  • White Americans disrespects President Obama as he is just another Black Man
  • Black people are no more than 37% human beings because America was created for White people, AND the list goes on!

In 1955 I was born and grew up on a plantation in Grapeland, Mississippi.  For a point of reference that is located around what is called, The Delta area of Greenville, Mississippi.

In Mississippi there are several towns for, “Whites Only”.  Where I grew up everything was “Whites Only” and “Blacks Only” so we knew to stay on our side of the fence.  Blacks loved one another and watched out for one another because we knew all we had were each other.  Of course we had a couple of disloyal people on the plantation that would look out for their own interest by trying to prove their loyalty to the White in an effort to be the top “N” on the plantation with  benefits for snitching.  We never went to play with the White Kids but they came over on our side to play with us.  So they violated the rules and when the Whites became angry enough to make sure that the Blacks would maintain a level of fear, crosses were burned and an innocent Black person lost their lives.

I remember as a child, Black men would occasionally escape from prison and as they would come on the plantation, people would feed them and hide them out for the night and they would go on their way hoping to make it to freedom.  No one was afraid of them nor did they hurt or rob anyone because they were not violent people.

After watching New Reports and the Social Media frenzy of sharing all of the bad things that are happening to Black People, I believe with my whole heart it is time for America to divide this country and allow the Whites to live on one side and the Blacks to live on the other side.  It is clear that we can not coexist together as people due to hatred of our color.  If anyone should be full of hatred it should be the Blacks who were wronged and not treated as human beings.

I just listened to this video and it is shameful to listen to. A Dr. Claude Anderson entitles the video, “5 Ways Black People are Being Exterminated as if we are animals.

I believe that at the “Towel of Babel” spoken of in the Bible, when people were all together as one God separated them and everyone went together based on their language.  I believe that God separated the continents after that.  That is the only way that people were found over here when the so called, “Columbus discovered America”.  the Indian People had a right to live here because they had been separated here.  So, because the Whites came over, couldn’t live with them because they wanted it all, does not make it their country, and had they never wanted another man to serve them, there would never have been ANY Blacks in America for them to hate.

But God in his mercy allowed the Black Race to be brought over here knowing that He would deliver the race of people.

Even the forefathers made America One Nation Under God indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All.  That include Black People.

So let’s just get a petition going and signed that will split this country right down the middle.  This will allow Blacks to live on one side and the White people live on the other side.  If we really wants peace then that is the way to do it.  Whites stay on their side and Blacks stay on their.

It worked with the North and South but the monkey in the plan was that the Whites wanted Blacks to be Slaves.  And so the war had to tear that apart.  However, there will be no Black workers on the White side in the divided America nor would there be White workers on the Black side.

In Christ there is no color, however, I am appalled at today’s so called Christians.  God has allowed President Obama to be in office for 8 years and during this time He is showing the world the heart of White people, especially the ones that goes by the name of Christian.




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