A “Moment in Time”

As I look at this picture I reflect back to many days in my childhood. The house in this picture is a replica of a house on an adjacent plantation that my Grandmother Sally lived in. The road was a one lane road that went from town to town throughout the various plantations. As I observe the baptism, I am reminded of the muddy lake not many miles from where we lived. While I was not baptized in such a lake, one of my sisters were. I use to pass this lake and it always seemed to be larger than life. There was an old bridge that you could drive to the other side on. I was afraid of crossing that bridge as it seemed as if it would just dissolve into the lake. There was nothing like an old time baptism where the deacons and the ministers would take the “candidates” that accepted Christ out into the water and baptize them. The mothers of the church would sing old hymnals and songs called “Dr. Watts” that soothed the soul. One of my favorite songs is called, “The Old Landmark”. In the songs a verse goes I want to see a big baptize in the old time way. To see sons and daughters dipped in the water coming up shouting nobody doubting everybody happy so happy to be in the service of the Lord. Wow, what a grand time it was!



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