DeadBeat Families..Living as a Statistic

I am amazed at how people tell, yes, lies when it comes to children. They want the world to know that they have children, grandchildren, baby mommas and baby daddies, and even aunts, uncles you name it, the village of people that are supposed to be there for the children. But when it comes to the children, all these adults don’t give a damn whether these children live or die or have love in their lives. They don’t care if they eat or have proper clothing or a roof over their heads but they “my kids” and the “momma sorry”.

But, that momma is the only one there struggling with them and doing her best to feed, clothe and shelter them and give them love while everybody else is thinking about themselves and how they look based on all that they have trying to look good to the public eye. Wow! But the most amazing thing of all is that when those same children become adults and make something out of their lives in spite of the deadbeats, guess who are the first ones around trying to be their “family”, especially since child support is no longer relevant. 

#deadbeats become responsible if you really want to feel proud in saying that you have “children”!


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