Living As A Statistic – Single Mothers

My heart goes out to single mothers today.  All mothers that are single are not always “single” mothers having children out of wedlock.  There are many women that have gotten married only to find themselves alone with children to raise and no one there to help.  They are looked upon as a burden to society because of “welfare” but I have found out that “welfare” is not some extraordinary help that children are receiving.

As I reflect on my life,  I was married at a  young age and with 4 children however, I was a single mother.  I had no one to rely on, no one to call, no one called me and asked if I needed anything for my children.  My children and I was looked upon as trash that needed to be thrown away and forgotten.

I struggled, worked hard and did the best that I could.  I did not have welfare.  I did not know about any benefits of having welfare that would have made any great difference in my life.  My income was too much for “Food Stamps”.  People that benefit from food stamps are people below the poverty level.  If you make $20,000 yearly then to the government, you are able to sustain yourself and 4 children.

I had a “family” but to them I was something poor and needed to stay out of their sight because I was an inconvenience to them.  I had no fellowship with them because they assumed that I wanted something from them.  All I wanted was the love of a “family”.

The husband, now ex-husband, lived his life as a single man.  He cared about nothing but living his life and coming back nightly looking for a home with a bed and food.   Not that he contributed to it but he “expected” to have it there.  He had income but it was to sustain him in his lifestyle. However, the government saw this as a suitable combined income even though he alone benefited from it.  It interfered with getting proper college for my children but, I was married with children.  To this day, one of my children reminds me how hard it was for him thinking about food and how people treated him because he didn’t have the best of clothes to wear to school.  So, we suffered this with my having a “husband”.

Now does history repeat itself.  It tries with every fiber of its being.  I made the decision to stand beside my daughter with her children.  My daily prayer is for her to  have all that she need in support of her children.

Where are the villages that is said to be there to help raise children? It is a cute saying and just that, “a cute saying”!

If you are reading this and you know of a single mother, and if it is within your power, please lend a hand.  Yes it will  help her but most of all, it will help the children!

Let’s save the children from being homeless and so much more that goes along with it!










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