Living Life As A “Statistic”.

Many People, not all, today are so blessed or fortunate or lucky or whatever term you would like to tag to it and they live in a place called the state of oblivion and denial. They can’t imagine that there are people, human beings living outside of that state.  They can’t image that there are people out there struggling; hungry, homeless and hopeless. Sometimes, through social media or on a park bench or someone standing on the street with a sign crosses your path as you are going about your day and all of a sudden you see something foreign.  You have stepped out of your state of oblivion and now as you look around and see something that is foreign to you began to have questions or automatically make a judgement of the encounter.

I have seen through social media and other methods where people have made comments about  homeless people and automatically assume that the homeless person is lazy or a bum and don’t want to work and just want a handout and that they are no more than a nuisance to society.

Just what if, before you judged them, you looked into that person life.  Maybe there would be things there that contributed to the state that they are now in and that it had nothing to do with them being lazy.

I told someone in a “Church” a couple of years ago that sometimes I will give a dollar or whatever I have in the moment to help someone I see in that situation.  Her response was, “Are you crazy? You are not suppose to help those people.  They have more than  you do.  She made an assumption that she knew that person’s story.  Where was the love for another human being in making that assumption?  In the meantime, she went back to her very lovely big home that no one lived in except her.  Life has not brought her to that situation where she lost her  job through a layoff and was unable to get another one for whatever the reason, which then triggered her losing her home because she could no longer pay the rent or mortgage, or found herself in living in the street because she did not have any family or friends that loved her enough to help get her back on her feet because they no longer considered her as value.

This is one story in a series of many that I will write as I am inspired!




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