Who Really Cares About the Children?

I will probably blog a lot about children as my heart goes out to them.  Just this morning I was privily to a conversation involving the local CHILD SUPPORT OFFICE.  I know that this is not the norm and that from time to time, favoritism for the absent parent or “deadbeat” parent will come into play if the absent parent is aware of somewhere that works at the office.

So this person from the CSO contacted the parent with the absent parent sitting right in front of her as the worker put the parent on a speaker call.  Additionally, the CSO did not have the parent’s information because she is in the Address Confidentiality Program.  Can you believe that the worker took it upon herself to give the absent parent, an abuser, all of the parent’s information. And you wonder why so many women lose their lives to domestic violence?

So this worker did her best to intimidate the parent and tried to convince her that there would be no order issued even though there was an order from the Judge.  Clearly is working on the behalf of the absent parent.  Why and should she be allowed to remain on her job since she clearly is bias for personal gain and not on behalf of the child?


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