Let’s Make America “Great Again”?

I get this indescribable feeling every time I hear, Let’s Make America Great Again”! Making this Country great does not involve having the right color of skin in the “White House” but having the “right content of character” in there.  A man that will lead this Country to Prayer to God as he humbles himself before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and not try to be politically correct by being afraid to use the name of God’s son, The Lord Jesus Christ.   John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.  Now that leaves a big mess because everyone says that you have to be “Politically Correct” and not use Jesus’ Name.  So we have taken Jesus out of America and we have been denying Him.  We can pray to “God” all we want to but if it does not involve, Jesus, unfortunately, it is a wasted prayer.   Jesus said that if you deny him before men he will deny you before His Father.  Ump ump ump!  That’s not going away people.  That can’t be changed to fit other beliefs, it is what it is as they say!

Since America’s undertone has always been basically the same for Black people, I can’t imagine what the terms, Let’s Make America Great Again” means.  Does it mean that there will no longer be a “Black Man in the “White House” or that the plan is to eliminate or put the “Gay rights” and people back in the closet, Remove all Hispanic and Asian immigrants from America  and put the “Blacks” back in the Kitchen and the Cotton Fields.  Of course, eliminate “Obamacare” and anything else that the Black President put his hands to that would impact America for good changes.

I remember back  in December 2008 when President Bush, (who I voted for by the way because a “Minister” said that if “Christians” didn’t vote for him that the other person that had won, the democrat, that “God” said that we would share in the sin of that elected President), had a shoe thrown at him during a press conference, I remember thinking wow I can’t believe that just happened, how bad is this Country for that to happen.

I remember in 2009 having to wait 45 minutes in line in order to get gas to get home from a job that I had. I remember that the gas prices ranged from $4.50 and over depended on where you were.  I remember the unemployment rates were soaring.  Everyone were losing their homes and so on and so forth.  Now this does not include what happened years back on into the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. So, now maybe, just maybe if  you open your heart just a bit, you can understand my dilemma when I hear the term, “Let’s Make America Great Again”.

Now to the heart of the matter.  I can expect the non Christian Americans to think and feel that way but the professed, “Christians” that I have heard use that phase is absurd.

Let me propose to you that America is in the “shape” that it is in because “Christian” people have left their first love and gone after what the Bible calls Idols and Belial.  Instead of the Christians praying in the Will of God, for example, they were too engrossed in the fact that a Black Man, elected by the Will of the People, were in office and they tore him apart on every opportunity that they could find and that Obamacare and Obama were from the devil, the Anti-Christ. Clearly they don’t understand the power that the Anti-Christ will have.  Those who oppose him will die.  There are a lot of people that would be beheaded by now if President Obama was the Anti-Christ.  Read the Bible people. #ForTheLoveOfMoneyIsTheRootOfAllEvil.

The Bible states that we are to pray :  1 Timothy 2:2 | View whole chapter | See verse in context  For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

Now understanding a “Christian’s relationship” with God, you can’t first of all pray for someone and be all over Social Media and behind closed doors and speak against the person at the same time.  They makes you a hypocrite.  All of the things that have gone wrong in America happened because “White Christians” mostly decided that the Nation no longer needed prayer because America was great.  Now why do I say “White Christians” you may ask? Because Black Christians were ignorant to the ways of God and prayer and when a Black Minister William J. Seymour, look him up, tried to bring changes a  White Minister opposed him and destroyed his work to shut him up.  So the burden of America falls on the shoulders of White American Christians, until NOW.


So to all the White Christians that are in the Make America Great Movement, let’s see how great America is going to be when you oppose Gay rights, help build the walls to keep other races out and let’s see how you handle taking the mark of the beast because you refuse to pray and open your heart to the Will of God which is to love your brothers in Christ.  Let’s see how you handle losing your, “Freedom of Religion” because as a great prophet received a word  from God and for whatever his reasons were, he would not release it but it has made it way out

For there came a dark hand up out of the ocean from the east, even from the Atlantic Ocean

This vision was given to the late Kenneth E. Hagin in 1963. It was shared with me by a friend with inside connections to old archives of teachings and prophecies never before published or made public. I believe it is now the time to share such prophecies for the hour of the manifestation of these things is upon us.

Yea, the hand of the Lord was upon me … the Spirit of God moved upon me … the voice of God spoke unto me and said, “Come up, come up hither son of man.”

I went, as it were, up into the air and stood with Him, the Head of the church, even the Lord Jesus Christ…in the air. And as I looked down upon the ground I could see as a map laid out before me the entire nation—all the states of the continental United States. And as I looked He said, “Behold son, and I shall show you that which shall come to pass, and that which the eyes of many shall see. And they shall remember that their ears heard that it shall come to pass.”

For there came a dark hand up out of the ocean from the east, even from the Atlantic Ocean. It came up out of the sea as a hand and as it rose up into the air it became a dark cloud and it filled the whole atmosphere. Yea, and it swept in like a storm at sea. And I said, “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Oh Lord! What’s the meaning of this?” And He spake unto me and said, “Son, that is the darkness of atheistic communism that is sweeping across the nation—even in the minds of men in high places and politicians with great power. And this nation shall not grow more strong and you shall not have more liberty than you have now, but liberties that you’ve known and you’ve seen shall be seized and taken from you.”

And I looked again, and I could see upon the mountain a blotch, as though a bottle of ink had been spilled and spread out over several states in the south and east. And then I looked and I could see spots splotched all over the map and I said, “Lord, what meaneth this?” And He said, “Communistic inspired hatred among races shall cause greater turmoil than your nation has seen heretofore. Yea, it is not the will of God but men’s hearts are perverse and they walk without the love of God and seek to have their own way. And so it shall be worse than you have seen.”

And I said, “Oh Lord! Oh Lord! Is there a remedy? Is there a remedy? What shall the answer be?”

And He said, “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceived and being deceived.”

And then I said, “Oh, Lord! Do we have nothing to look forward to in the future except the darkness, the blackness, war, destruction and evil?”

And He said, “Son of man, forget not your text for you look at the things not seen (the title of his message was, Looking At Things Unseen).” And so then I looked into the spirit realm and I saw falling upon that mountain a ball of fire from heaven. The closer to the Earth, the bigger it got, and then when it came to the Earth it divided into small balls or sparks of fire, and it fell upon men. And I saw an army of men rise up, and it seemed as though their hands were fire. And there sat upon their heads a tongue of fire. (When I first saw it, it seemed like their whole heads were on fire but it was tongues of fire leaping.) And I said, “What meaneth this?”

And He said, “Before the worst shall come and the day of darkness encompasses there will be those who shall go and who shall carry the fullness of My truth and the fire, not only to the states of this nation but to many other places. For there is a work that must be done, first spiritually, before the Lord shall come.

“Now prepare ye your hearts, for the time is at hand and the beginning is now; and ye shall see and ye shall know for the hand of the Lord is upon you and many of you shall be used in these last days and the work shall progress.”

Hallelujah to Jesus! Hallelujah to Jesus!

And I said to Him, “Oh Lord! May I have a small place to work?” And He said, “I shall cause thy tent to be enlarged. Yea, thou shalt have an enlarged ministry and thou shalt minister to many where you ministered to a few. Therefore, go ye back to the Earth and be thou faithful and give forth that which I tell you to give for you have been reluctant in days gone by to tell it. Now tell it boldly and speak it true for now is the day that it shall be so.”

Oh hallelujah! Oh hallelujah! Praise God! Praise God! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

For the word of the Lord came unto me saying, “The prophetic vision shall be restored unto the church, for even in the days of old under the old covenant the prophet would see by vision and prophesy, and so the prophetic vision shall be restored unto the church. And this is the time, and this is the hour, and this is the place.”

Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Praise God, praise God!

When I spoke up I saw this very night. I saw the vision. I was lifted up to that place. Oh men and women, thank God for His goodness to man.

So to ALL I say that the ONLY way that America will ever be great or great again will be through allowing God’s Will  to be done on this Earth as it is in Heaven.  There is no other way. Refusing Him is THE Way to total destruction of America and the World!


References:  Kenneth E. Hagin,  the King James Bible





































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