The “Walking Dead”

My grandchildren favorite TV show is called, “The Walking Dead”.   This show is one of the most trending shows of all time.  You also have a show called, “Fear of The Walking Dead” and many more titles where Zombies rule.  These shows portray “living dead” people that aimlessly walks around with nothing to do except to eat the jugular, brain or sometimes the whole body of any living person that just happen to walk within their location.  You never know where or how many you are going to encounter but the goal is to not be “eaten”.

As fascinated as these shows are, they are loaded with truth but in an unseen way.  I read where a city was instructing their citizens to prepare for the, “Zombie Apocalypse” should it happen.  Well, let me introduce to you that we are in and has been in for quite some time now, the “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Let me introduce you to a few scenarios:

  • The “Drug Addict Zombie” that is dependent on drugs.  The only thing that matters to that person/”Zombie” is to go from “high to high”.  They wanders about aimlessly with nothing on their mind except how and where to get their next drug meal.  Life goes on around them but because they are a, “Walking Dead”, they can’t partake of life.  They have no desires to partake of the beauty of life nor to get involved in anything.  The only thing that they see or feel is the blood/drugs that goes into them and they are left in the state of lifeless or deadness to anything and everything because LIFE no longer exist to them.
  • The “Alcoholic Zombie”, it exists solely to feed the need of alcohol into body.  Nothing else matters except the need to drink by any means necessary.
  • The “Heartless Selfish Greedy Zombie”.  This population out weights any other.  These heartless, selfish and greedy people feed on the poor and any other creature that it can destroy. They only care about themselves, what they have and what they can get more of in order to keep feeding itself.  They will do whatever it takes to survive.  They have love for no one.  Enough is never enough.  They have no conscious of right and wrong.  They don’t care who they hurt.  They don’t consider that people have feelings, only that maybe they have something that is useful to them and after they feed on what they have, the zombie goes on to the next victim.
  • The “Church Religious Zombie” they religious goes to a building Sunday after Sunday and some Wednesday after Wednesdays and some even on Fridays. But, they go to these building and come out of them, unchanged.  The need is fed but they are lifeless to what is going on in life. The only thing that they care about is their pastor or the social club that is offered there.  They have no empathy for others.  They do nothing that the Bible requires them to do but yet, they are faithful to the building.

You get the picture?  The list goes on and on.  Life and Death goes on daily in our lives. If you look around and  start paying attention to your surroundings, just maybe you will see that we are already in the, “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Are we part of the, “Walking Dead” or are we making a difference to bring healing to the dead?





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