A Moment in Time Continued….

As a little girl growing  up on a plantation, there was not much to do.  I was too small to do the chores of picking or chopping cotton or working in the gardens so I had to use my imagination. My favorite thing to do when I was not trying to play cowboys with my brothers, or climbing one story buildings and jumping off, you know a total tom boy was reading.  It was a miracle that none of  us ended up with broken bones.

One day I discovered that my oldest brother had all of these cool comic books of heroes.  I remember that when he would leave home, I would get his books and steal away and read them.  I knew of Superman, Batman, Super Girl, Wonder Woman, you name it way back in the 1960’s. All of the comic book superheroes that are in movies today.

Those books allowed me to develop my imagination further.  I was able to escape from reality and enjoy reading about Superman, where he came from and how he would defeat Lex.  I enjoyed reading about the Amazon Women. Wonder Woman and her lasso that she would use against her enemies.  A whole world of escape.

I somehow believe that maybe my strong character was built while reading about those heroes. I also believe that maybe, just maybe, as I think on those heroes that I will find that extra strength that I need to keep going as I reflect on the strength of those super heroes.  Heroes are not hard to find.  Just Dare to Dream!


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