A Place Called “There”.

I was evicted out of the city of “Normal” and I am now en-route to the place called “There”.  While living in the city of Normal you find a certain level of comfort.  You live on  Predictable Avenue.  You have a predictable job schedule.  Your life runs in the “normal” cycle. Work, School, Play and Sleep.  You have security as long as things don’t go against what “Normal” represents.

When the unpredictable storms; twisters, tornadoes or hurricanes of life attack the city of Normal, most of the time you are then forced to live on the outskirts of Normal which takes you to the verge of eviction unless, you have a barricade of protection that will preserve  you until you are able to adapt back into Normal.

If the protection runs out before you can settle back to Normal then it is at that time that you have to go.  Normal can no longer sustain you.  During this eviction, you lose everything that you gained while living in Normal.  Many die trying to get out of the city however, some are fortunate to survive the eviction.

On the road to “There”, all you have to carry with you are the hopes and dreams that you did not lose in Normal.  The road is not an easy one but you can get there if you don’t quit or give up.  The road is long and winding.  It has mountains and steep hills to climb.  The road is long and winding with dangerous bridges to cross.   But, if you keep going no matter the hardship, you can make it.

Finally, some do make it.  Now, those that made it are living on Plentiful Avenue. Everywhere they look as far as the eye can see, there is nothing but plenty; peace, fulfillment and love.  Your neighbors have no need to look down on you as they are too busy trying to either stay with you or get further ahead of you.

A few of the residents there left Normal because they wanted to move out of the predictable zone.

The place called There.  A place where you no longer have to hope or dream because There already have provided all that you ever dream of or imagine.  New Life. New Peace. New Fulfillment.

Once you arrive at the place called There, you will never look back for the city of Normal.  You could never live in Normal again!







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