Get “Rich Quick” Schemes

I love Facebook, however, my account gets bombarded with all kinds of fake accounts made off of some family or friend’s account with a great “Offer” from the “government”,  or “African Attorneys” offering me millions of dollars just to say that I was a relative of  a citizen there that is now deceased and have no living relatives there, and the list goes on and on.

I have come to witness in life that there are no legitimate “Hit it Big” or Get Rich Quick” pots out there.  I am not a “hopeful fool” with those types of expectations.

I have had to survive in life based on “Work” and maybe a few instances where someone’s heart was kind to throw in a few dollars to help out along the way.

People are ruthless and selfish thinking only on themselves.  Ill-gotten money does not go a long way.  Stealing people’s personal information and using it for selfish gains will not go a long way in life, even though you may get a temporary “fix” from it.

That’s the two headed monster of greed.  You never get enough. No matter how much you get, you want more and more and so you are driven to keep stealing, and anything else that you do to take from people in order to satisfied that monster.

The Bible tells us that if a man don’t work, he don’t or should eat. It admonishes us to watch the ant how they constantly are working and storing up.

Working won’t kill you.  It is good for the Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body, not to mention, you can acquire the things that you want in this life if you are determined enough to keep working.

So, if you want to offer me a hand and get my attention where money is concerned, only a certified check, money order or western union will suffice.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and not mine as I will not give attention to such stupidity.






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