Because Justice is Blind, Some Children become victims of her Disability.

I know of a particular case of domestic violence/abuse.  For eight years the abuser tried daily to kill the girlfriend/victim.  After about 5 years into the relationship and 3 miscarriage through violence, a child was born.  Normal by all appearance considering the fact that the child survived the abuser attempting to cause a miscarriage.  The child was progressing fine.  However, by the age of 2 the mother had gotten away from him.  She remained skeptical and cordial in her effort to allow him to be a “Father” to the child so that he would not accuse her of such in court.

After the mother refused to comply with all of his demands, he assaulted her and took the child and kept him away from her for 7 days. During those 7 days,  he taunted her by telling her that her son was crying for her, and “did you get your mind right yet” about not trying to be around other men.

He then gets a local news station to do a story on him.  He admitted to the physical abuse that he did not receive one day in Jail for and the News made him look like the local hero, while the mother went through the abuse all over again.  Since he had made another recent attack on her, a Judge issued an order that she have immediate custody of her child. So she was able to get the help from the local authorities in getting her son back.  The only way for her to get the child was that she had to lure the abuser by having him think that she was having a 4th of July party.  Of course, she gets a call on wait for it….July 4th saying that he was bringing her son home in the late afternoon at party time.  The mother however had the time to get the local authorities involved to ensure that she would be getting her son back and without harm.  So, because he knew of a warrant he sent the child by his girlfriend.

For weeks after the child was returned home, the child was very angry and irritable.  He wanted to spend all his time outside as if that was the only way that he could breath.  The mother was finally able to bring comfort to the child so that he felt safe.

During a visit to his pediatrician, it was discovered that he may have Autism.  After a visit with a counselor, they diagnosed him with Autism.  Before he was taken, he had started developing words and after he was taken, nothing would come out except un-recognizable sounds.  I would summarize that the child was in a state of trauma and shock and have not been able to speak what happened to him during the time that he was taken.

The court happened and the Judge ordered the abuser to have supervised visitation and ordered him to pay child support.  He refused and did not pay child support and since he did not have access to the mother, guess what, he stopped going to the visitation because he was “uncomfortable”.

So now, 3 years later, because the mother of the child still refuses to do what the abuser wants, he files a court paper for custody.

These truths Justice does not see.  Justice does not see that an abuser commits attempted murder over and over again but is never charged for it.

So, when this abuser takes his manipulation to court with the pretense that all he wants to do is, “Be A Father”, what will Justice say to him?  He wants Justice to give him the rights to torment and threaten his victim legally in the name of I Am A Father!





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