Keep This Close for the Future…whether it is tomorrow or ten years from now….

My son always give me a hard time when it comes to “Religion”.  No matter how hard I try to explain to him that the Bible and Religion are two different things, He just don’t get it and throws all of His scientific videos discovery library.

He told me just the other day that if “We Christians really and truly believe that there will be a Rapture then why don’t we let people know what to do should it occur.”  So that He can’t say that He wasn’t warned, should  he not make it, I am going to take him up on that and attach this movie.

While many will have much to say, again this has nothing to do with religion but with a relationship with Jesus Christ and it is all in the Bible.  Jesus never came to set  up Religion.  He came to set up a relationship.  There is a big difference.

I know that many do not and will not believe what this movie stands for.  However, in time, the World will face this.  For all those that don’t believe, just remember that there are answers as you will find if you watch the movie now or to preserve for future days ahead.

I know that we have so much knowledge out there.  So many doubts. So many theories.  But at the end of the day, it does not matter.  The truth will be revealed.  Will it be too late?

Be blessed and should you find the time to watch these two movies, enjoy!




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