The Age of Consciousness

America has now become the Age of Consciousness!  What do I mean by that?  Personal experience is always the best experience!

I am a Christian by Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have had unbelievable trials in my life, so because of that and because I am not seemingly “prospering” based on the standards of the World then I am told that, “My Believing is Wrong”!

Everywhere you turn these days you will see that, “The Bible is wrong” based on so many opinions.  “Jesus is not real”. Christians are this and that.  Everybody has the answers. “All you have to do is to stay positive and things will work out.”  Sometimes things don’t just work out and there are reasons for that.

While “Positive” equals “Faith” on some level, it interferes with Faith because it overrides Faith based on what am I focusing on.  So if I just stay positive, what am I really believing. If I believe and have faith, what am I believing.

Too many people are trying to fix something that is not broken.  There have been so much gone on throughout the ages, however,faith remains. The Bible remains. God remains and above all else, Jesus remains.

All of the “Secrets” are now out of the closet.  All we have to do is believe that we are the, “I AM”.  All we have to do is “Meditate” and find peace.  All of the “Scientific” studies now talking about the brains  having the tree of life and the portals and  you name it.  Truly a new age consciousness that I heard spoken of in the past that has now become the future.

I have seen many people who try all of this “stuff” and they do get some temporal form of peace.  But when the “crisis of life happens these people have meltdowns and breakdowns and some of them take their own lives.

Now, if I go to that Bible that has been labeled as “Man made” and read the scriptures on Peace, I get a lasting peace that as the Bible describes it, a peace that passes all understanding.

So,  if I take the other road of study, where will it lead me? What is the ultimate goal of discovering that I am the, “I AM”?  How is that going to benefit me or mankind? Selfish has never been nor is it The Way.  Jesus said that, “I Am the way, the truth and the life.”

Jesus came and tried to teach that being selfish was not the way of the Father God, the creator and always will be the Master of this Universe.  That we are all children of God by faith in Jesus Christ.  But the children have grown up a bit and now wants to eliminate the parent by being in a state of consciousness and take what He created to “create.”

No matter what the latest on the “Fake Bible” or whatever names it is being called these days, The Bible has been tested and tried.  It is truly a road-map to show us how to live in this life, for yourself and how to treat others.

I am positive!  I am positively sure that our answers are in the book that we are being convinced that is no longer “real”.  But yet, it has and always will remain!  Will the age or state of consciousness remain?  Will it make it through the tests of time with proven results that will create, “The God” as I hear people refer to themselves as.

My children are of me, but they are not me and never will be, no matter how they imagine themselves to be.  They are not me but just a small piece of who I am, and so it will be and remain!



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