“Trigger” People

There are some people you have known from the past that refused to “bond” or have a true relationship with you. However, these people choose to remain in your life on their terms.  They refuse to stop following you but they follow you at a distance.  I call these people “triggers” on your road of change.

As you endeavor to move on with your life away from these people, they always find a way to remind you that they are there watching you. If you are on social media they will “like” post from some of your friends just so that you are made aware that they are “watching” and “following” you at a distance.

Now, here is the issue, when you notice them, there is a trigger on the inside of you that reminds you of your past where they were involved in any way.  This trigger causes you to  reflect on them; their actions, their non-acceptance of you.  Sometimes these triggers causes pain from your past with them.  Anything to make you question or wonder why you were not considering you to be “worthy” of their relationship or to share in their lives.  These could be family members; friends, enemies, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, you name it.

So we must learn to not allow the triggers to hinder us from making progress and change in our lives.  Clearly, there is something wrong on the inside of them that “compels” them with the “urge” to “watch your life”!

Maybe the mirror of you feed the need in them to believe that they are, “More important or better than you.”


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