I have spent the majority of the day talking, not debating, with individuals that label themselves as “Atheist”.  Atheist, a noun, by definition means  a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.  Let me suggest to you that there is no such thing as an “Atheist”.

Let me propose to you what “a labeled atheist” is:  There are two belief systems in the World.

  • The Spirit of Christ
  • The Spirit of Anti-Christ

An Atheist says that they don’t believe than that does not make them an atheist but of the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

These people, that I have spent most of the day with are so full of bitterness, anger and hatred and my question is WHY and they never gave me an answer.  WHY?

My thoughts on this are that these people have been hurt and bruised by something that they are angry with God about.  So the easiest thing to do is to blame and hate their creator which is Jehovah God for their pain.

Most of them say that they believe that God is not real because you can’t speak to him or he don’t talk back to you. “He is non-existent”.  They quote all of the so called knowledge that they think is real, knowledge that still came from a man, but, it makes sense to them because they can’t understand a loving creator that created this World and through no fault of His, the world became corrupt.  If they are so convinced that they are so right, then why the anger?

As a child I read much on Greek Mythology.  But, because I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I am not going around angry at Zeus or His Followers.  I’m not cursing at the mention of his name or Diana or Athena or any of the other Gods under “Greek Mythology”, neither am I taking my anger out on those that believe that way.

So let me suggest to you that these people do believe in God but they choose to live in denial because they didn’t take the time to understand Him so they fall into the category of Anti-Christ.

God is blamed for every bad thing that happens in the earth.  Man created Religion.  God did not but, He is blamed for the chaos that religion has brought.  God created the Earth and when things go wrong from things that Man put his hand to and causes chaos,  God is blamed.

Study the cause of devastating storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.  God does not send them but, He is blamed for them.  God said in His Word that when He send forth rain, He will put His bow or rainbow into the clouds for perpetual generations.

A sickness or disease overtakes a child’s life from chemicals or other bad things that happen to children and guess who gets the blame, God!  God does and can heal but when healing does not take place because there is no “faith” in God, God is blamed.

So, while you may argue that the Bible has been tampered with, or man wrote it, it is still credible today and if you have questions, the answers are in there.  That is the ONLY Book in this World that have certified answers to whatever the problems are.  But, you have to read it to know that!

In these days that we are living in, if you don’t know the truth then you will be misled. The truth will be revealed to the satisfaction of the mind, but only in Death.  So before that time, however you believe, make sure that it will stand the test on the other side of Life which will surely be for an eternity.  70, 80, 90 years and some make it into the 100s, but that time is short compared to eternity.

So make sure that you choose right and if you don’t, guess what, that will be the ONLY time that you can’t blame God!


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