“THE WAR ON FOOD STAMPS or a life that was not aborted”

An elderly White worker at Wal-mart on a predominately black side of the city, went from lane to lane while pretending to push a broom in a sweeping motion.  He would approach the black customers and tell them, “President Trump is going to cut off all food stamps” and go to the next customer.    His first assumption is that ALL Black people are on Food Stamps.  He clearly was not thinking about the other “cuts” that the President has in his budget that is going to clearly affect him simply first of all, because of his age, and secondly we can assume that he will need healthcare at some point soon if not already.  The President didn’t say, this budget will only impact Black people.

This country is clearly controlled by emotions and not things that make sense.  As I thought on this, I had several things come to my mind regarding this “War on Food Stamps”.

I will put my thoughts in bullet form for the purpose of defining what makes sense compared to an emotional feeling about it:

  • I believe that most “Republicans” believe that abortion is morally wrong.  Common sense ask the questions that, “how can you believe that killing in the womb is wrong but let that same child starve to death” or die from a disease that the child can’t get good healthcare in order to survive.  Common Sense says that, “No parent can afford to feed, buy clothing and provide all of the necessities to live a “poor life” because this country is controlled by greed with regard to housing and utilities while making a whopping $7 per hour job, if they are “lucky” enough to get that. What budget can manage all of that?  I think that if that budget exist then the country would never have a “budget issue” to balance.  The truth is that this country has enough land for everyone to have at least 5 acres of land to live on. Greed would rather that the land that God created for “his children” to have shelter on to lie waste just because the owner says that, “It’s my land”.  No, who created the earth?
  • People say that,  “I’m tired of these people getting “Free” Food Stamps off of my back.  Common sense ask the question, if it was your money because  you worked then what about that person that no longer has a job? While that person worked, did they not contribute to the tax program but now that they no longer have a job, does their taxes paid not entitle them to receive benefits from it?  Some people are blessed enough to work their entire life and never have to use the benefit from all of the taxes that they paid.  I don’t think that they are so poor minded that they are focus on not having had to rely on “government benefits” which are not really “government benefits” at all.  It’s a pot that many people contribute to through “taxes”.  So should these people not have to pay taxes since they can’t receive any of the benefits from paying taxes?
  • After they “cut the Food Stamps”, have ALL of the business owners that cater to the Black people getting them and coming into their stores to buy food, have they really considered what it is going to cost their business when the Black People no longer have any resources to come into their store to buy.  So many business owners have run up the cost of food and moved their businesses to primarily black neighborhoods just to accommodate “Food Stamps” that is stimulating their businesses and the economy on a monthly basis.    These are not the “Rich People” that is being impacted by this.  The people that would not dare set one foot into their businesses to buy ANYTHING, much less food that the poor would have bought through using “Food Stamps”.
  • People say that, Black people are just lazy and want a “handout”.  There are “lazy people” in all races of people.  Slothfulness knows no color.

These were just a few things to think about as the War is in preparation to begin.

So Common Sense would say, “Let the War Begin” and let’s see who is really impacted by this and left standing after a few shots are fired!

Did anyone see the movie, “The Hunger Games”?  If you really looked at the story line, I believe the moral of the story was that, “Only the Rich and Wealthy were worthy enough to survived and had the right to the good life” and EVERYONE else was nothing other than a “SERVANT” that didn’t deserve anything other than to be slaves.  Another form of “Population Control” to control the people that will bow down and serve the rich and their riches so that the rich can feel that they are the Kings and  Queens in life, the deserving and the privileged!

I’m not saying that abortion is right, I am saying that murder, in any form, is wrong.



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