And These Are The Days of Our Lives!

Clearly, everywhere you turn, envy; selfishness, greed, hatred, malice, bitterness and you name it, is dominating the World or let me start with America.  Family no longer has any meaning as being in covenant with a group of people who you are birth into and you         share your lives together.

It is a suffocating thing to watch as you look at social media, the news and all of the things that are going on across this country.  You can cut that out by not looking at it but, when it comes into your house through and by whatever means that it comes to your attention it is equally as suffocating.  Mothers sleeping with their daughters’ husbands. Brothers sleeping with their brothers wives and so on.  All caught up in the passion of undisciplined flesh

I am aware of situations where an illness overtook some people who has some means in life.  In both cases, the unbelievable way that family members swooped into the situation and took control.  Mind you, there were trust issues between the family sick member and the well members.  However, through the danger of people taking power of attorneys out on family members only serves the greedy.

In one case a sister went to the brother’s bedside while the brother was in hospice under heavy medication and tried to convince the brother to say, while she was recording on the phone that, “it was his wish that she and her sons to have a specified amount of money”.  One of the children walked into the room and caught her while she was doing it.  How shameful is that!  The brother later died and she tries to curse the children because they did not give her “any money”.

The second case is that the man fell to illness and immediately one of the children took a power of attorney out on him.  The man fears for his life based on conversation that was spoken by a girlfriend.  The family now has gotten rid of the girlfriend and threatens to take out a restraining order to keep her away.  The man’s condition worsen as the “family” takes care of him.  Even though the doctors says that it is hope, the family says he may die any day.  My God, what is this world coming to…..a quick end?

The MADNESS!!!………………………………………………..


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