The Love of Money is the Root of Greed

Matthew 19th chapter came to my heart as I reflected on a conversation that I had earlier today with a young lady. The young lady cried and said that she loved this man with all of her heart and that she would never be able to see him again as his daughter moved him into her house.
My heart is sad as I reflect on the phone conversation and my heart went out to this young lady. This young lady had a beautiful spirit and was a very kind person as she had been attending to the care of the man’s mother that was in a nursing home. She met the man while caring for his mother. She had been in this relationship with this man and was helping him heal from the divorce and now the man has become physically, not mentally. The man’s children immediately got a “Power of Attorney” over him in order to rule over the man’s finances as the man had worked hard all of his life and had saved much. The man had just gotten out of a very ugly divorce right before he became sick. The man had said often that he didn’t trust his children as they had betrayed him during the divorce for their mother.
The older man treasured the young lady and his children, following the instruction of the ex-wife used all of the resources that they could find to “get rid of the young lady” so that she could not have any “rights” over him. They defamed her character and accused her of not wanting anything but his money. Even though the girl has her own money and has helped him out while his money was tied up in court, the family made sure that she was in no position to receive anything from him, even to the point of getting police officers to “threaten” the girl if she made any attempts in seeing the man.
This is a perfect example of the spirit of greed and how it works. The children has no care or thought about the man’s feeling for the young lady because “MONEY” is at the root of it all.
What is sad is that people just don’t get it. There is a “Day of Reckoning” coming to all. Life brings the reckoning based on how you treat another human being. The Bible tells us that the “Love of Money” is the root of all evil, and while the Bible warns us, many still turn their heads.
What these people don’t understand is that they have sown much against them by attacking an innocent person that was important to this man. The only thing that gave him hope and meaning to his life. While the family may want him to just, “go ahead and die”, the money will not last always.
Will they recognize their evil ways before it is too late, or will “Life” have to bring back to their attention, what they did to offend this young lady?
As in the story, the Rich Young Ruler was not asked to “give all he had”, just to sell all he had and “give” to the poor.
We are responsible for what we do and who we hurt!

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