The Love of Money is the Root of Greed

Matthew 19th chapter came to my heart as I reflected on a conversation that I had earlier today with a young lady. The young lady cried and said that she loved this man with all of her heart and that she would never be able to see him again as his daughter moved him into her house.
My heart is sad as I reflect on the phone conversation and my heart went out to this young lady. This young lady had a beautiful spirit and was a very kind person as she had been attending to the care of the man’s mother that was in a nursing home. She met the man while caring for his mother. She had been in this relationship with this man and was helping him heal from the divorce and now the man has become physically, not mentally. The man’s children immediately got a “Power of Attorney” over him in order to rule over the man’s finances as the man had worked hard all of his life and had saved much. The man had just gotten out of a very ugly divorce right before he became sick. The man had said often that he didn’t trust his children as they had betrayed him during the divorce for their mother.
The older man treasured the young lady and his children, following the instruction of the ex-wife used all of the resources that they could find to “get rid of the young lady” so that she could not have any “rights” over him. They defamed her character and accused her of not wanting anything but his money. Even though the girl has her own money and has helped him out while his money was tied up in court, the family made sure that she was in no position to receive anything from him, even to the point of getting police officers to “threaten” the girl if she made any attempts in seeing the man.
This is a perfect example of the spirit of greed and how it works. The children has no care or thought about the man’s feeling for the young lady because “MONEY” is at the root of it all.
What is sad is that people just don’t get it. There is a “Day of Reckoning” coming to all. Life brings the reckoning based on how you treat another human being. The Bible tells us that the “Love of Money” is the root of all evil, and while the Bible warns us, many still turn their heads.
What these people don’t understand is that they have sown much against them by attacking an innocent person that was important to this man. The only thing that gave him hope and meaning to his life. While the family may want him to just, “go ahead and die”, the money will not last always.
Will they recognize their evil ways before it is too late, or will “Life” have to bring back to their attention, what they did to offend this young lady?
As in the story, the Rich Young Ruler was not asked to “give all he had”, just to sell all he had and “give” to the poor.
We are responsible for what we do and who we hurt!

And These Are The Days of Our Lives!

Clearly, everywhere you turn, envy; selfishness, greed, hatred, malice, bitterness and you name it, is dominating the World or let me start with America.  Family no longer has any meaning as being in covenant with a group of people who you are birth into and you         share your lives together.

It is a suffocating thing to watch as you look at social media, the news and all of the things that are going on across this country.  You can cut that out by not looking at it but, when it comes into your house through and by whatever means that it comes to your attention it is equally as suffocating.  Mothers sleeping with their daughters’ husbands. Brothers sleeping with their brothers wives and so on.  All caught up in the passion of undisciplined flesh

I am aware of situations where an illness overtook some people who has some means in life.  In both cases, the unbelievable way that family members swooped into the situation and took control.  Mind you, there were trust issues between the family sick member and the well members.  However, through the danger of people taking power of attorneys out on family members only serves the greedy.

In one case a sister went to the brother’s bedside while the brother was in hospice under heavy medication and tried to convince the brother to say, while she was recording on the phone that, “it was his wish that she and her sons to have a specified amount of money”.  One of the children walked into the room and caught her while she was doing it.  How shameful is that!  The brother later died and she tries to curse the children because they did not give her “any money”.

The second case is that the man fell to illness and immediately one of the children took a power of attorney out on him.  The man fears for his life based on conversation that was spoken by a girlfriend.  The family now has gotten rid of the girlfriend and threatens to take out a restraining order to keep her away.  The man’s condition worsen as the “family” takes care of him.  Even though the doctors says that it is hope, the family says he may die any day.  My God, what is this world coming to…..a quick end?

The MADNESS!!!………………………………………………..

“THE WAR ON FOOD STAMPS or a life that was not aborted”

An elderly White worker at Wal-mart on a predominately black side of the city, went from lane to lane while pretending to push a broom in a sweeping motion.  He would approach the black customers and tell them, “President Trump is going to cut off all food stamps” and go to the next customer.    His first assumption is that ALL Black people are on Food Stamps.  He clearly was not thinking about the other “cuts” that the President has in his budget that is going to clearly affect him simply first of all, because of his age, and secondly we can assume that he will need healthcare at some point soon if not already.  The President didn’t say, this budget will only impact Black people.

This country is clearly controlled by emotions and not things that make sense.  As I thought on this, I had several things come to my mind regarding this “War on Food Stamps”.

I will put my thoughts in bullet form for the purpose of defining what makes sense compared to an emotional feeling about it:

  • I believe that most “Republicans” believe that abortion is morally wrong.  Common sense ask the questions that, “how can you believe that killing in the womb is wrong but let that same child starve to death” or die from a disease that the child can’t get good healthcare in order to survive.  Common Sense says that, “No parent can afford to feed, buy clothing and provide all of the necessities to live a “poor life” because this country is controlled by greed with regard to housing and utilities while making a whopping $7 per hour job, if they are “lucky” enough to get that. What budget can manage all of that?  I think that if that budget exist then the country would never have a “budget issue” to balance.  The truth is that this country has enough land for everyone to have at least 5 acres of land to live on. Greed would rather that the land that God created for “his children” to have shelter on to lie waste just because the owner says that, “It’s my land”.  No, who created the earth?
  • People say that,  “I’m tired of these people getting “Free” Food Stamps off of my back.  Common sense ask the question, if it was your money because  you worked then what about that person that no longer has a job? While that person worked, did they not contribute to the tax program but now that they no longer have a job, does their taxes paid not entitle them to receive benefits from it?  Some people are blessed enough to work their entire life and never have to use the benefit from all of the taxes that they paid.  I don’t think that they are so poor minded that they are focus on not having had to rely on “government benefits” which are not really “government benefits” at all.  It’s a pot that many people contribute to through “taxes”.  So should these people not have to pay taxes since they can’t receive any of the benefits from paying taxes?
  • After they “cut the Food Stamps”, have ALL of the business owners that cater to the Black people getting them and coming into their stores to buy food, have they really considered what it is going to cost their business when the Black People no longer have any resources to come into their store to buy.  So many business owners have run up the cost of food and moved their businesses to primarily black neighborhoods just to accommodate “Food Stamps” that is stimulating their businesses and the economy on a monthly basis.    These are not the “Rich People” that is being impacted by this.  The people that would not dare set one foot into their businesses to buy ANYTHING, much less food that the poor would have bought through using “Food Stamps”.
  • People say that, Black people are just lazy and want a “handout”.  There are “lazy people” in all races of people.  Slothfulness knows no color.

These were just a few things to think about as the War is in preparation to begin.

So Common Sense would say, “Let the War Begin” and let’s see who is really impacted by this and left standing after a few shots are fired!

Did anyone see the movie, “The Hunger Games”?  If you really looked at the story line, I believe the moral of the story was that, “Only the Rich and Wealthy were worthy enough to survived and had the right to the good life” and EVERYONE else was nothing other than a “SERVANT” that didn’t deserve anything other than to be slaves.  Another form of “Population Control” to control the people that will bow down and serve the rich and their riches so that the rich can feel that they are the Kings and  Queens in life, the deserving and the privileged!

I’m not saying that abortion is right, I am saying that murder, in any form, is wrong.



I have spent the majority of the day talking, not debating, with individuals that label themselves as “Atheist”.  Atheist, a noun, by definition means  a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods.  Let me suggest to you that there is no such thing as an “Atheist”.

Let me propose to you what “a labeled atheist” is:  There are two belief systems in the World.

  • The Spirit of Christ
  • The Spirit of Anti-Christ

An Atheist says that they don’t believe than that does not make them an atheist but of the spirit of the Anti-Christ.

These people, that I have spent most of the day with are so full of bitterness, anger and hatred and my question is WHY and they never gave me an answer.  WHY?

My thoughts on this are that these people have been hurt and bruised by something that they are angry with God about.  So the easiest thing to do is to blame and hate their creator which is Jehovah God for their pain.

Most of them say that they believe that God is not real because you can’t speak to him or he don’t talk back to you. “He is non-existent”.  They quote all of the so called knowledge that they think is real, knowledge that still came from a man, but, it makes sense to them because they can’t understand a loving creator that created this World and through no fault of His, the world became corrupt.  If they are so convinced that they are so right, then why the anger?

As a child I read much on Greek Mythology.  But, because I am a believer in God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, I am not going around angry at Zeus or His Followers.  I’m not cursing at the mention of his name or Diana or Athena or any of the other Gods under “Greek Mythology”, neither am I taking my anger out on those that believe that way.

So let me suggest to you that these people do believe in God but they choose to live in denial because they didn’t take the time to understand Him so they fall into the category of Anti-Christ.

God is blamed for every bad thing that happens in the earth.  Man created Religion.  God did not but, He is blamed for the chaos that religion has brought.  God created the Earth and when things go wrong from things that Man put his hand to and causes chaos,  God is blamed.

Study the cause of devastating storms, hurricanes and tornadoes.  God does not send them but, He is blamed for them.  God said in His Word that when He send forth rain, He will put His bow or rainbow into the clouds for perpetual generations.

A sickness or disease overtakes a child’s life from chemicals or other bad things that happen to children and guess who gets the blame, God!  God does and can heal but when healing does not take place because there is no “faith” in God, God is blamed.

So, while you may argue that the Bible has been tampered with, or man wrote it, it is still credible today and if you have questions, the answers are in there.  That is the ONLY Book in this World that have certified answers to whatever the problems are.  But, you have to read it to know that!

In these days that we are living in, if you don’t know the truth then you will be misled. The truth will be revealed to the satisfaction of the mind, but only in Death.  So before that time, however you believe, make sure that it will stand the test on the other side of Life which will surely be for an eternity.  70, 80, 90 years and some make it into the 100s, but that time is short compared to eternity.

So make sure that you choose right and if you don’t, guess what, that will be the ONLY time that you can’t blame God!

“Trigger” People

There are some people you have known from the past that refused to “bond” or have a true relationship with you. However, these people choose to remain in your life on their terms.  They refuse to stop following you but they follow you at a distance.  I call these people “triggers” on your road of change.

As you endeavor to move on with your life away from these people, they always find a way to remind you that they are there watching you. If you are on social media they will “like” post from some of your friends just so that you are made aware that they are “watching” and “following” you at a distance.

Now, here is the issue, when you notice them, there is a trigger on the inside of you that reminds you of your past where they were involved in any way.  This trigger causes you to  reflect on them; their actions, their non-acceptance of you.  Sometimes these triggers causes pain from your past with them.  Anything to make you question or wonder why you were not considering you to be “worthy” of their relationship or to share in their lives.  These could be family members; friends, enemies, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, you name it.

So we must learn to not allow the triggers to hinder us from making progress and change in our lives.  Clearly, there is something wrong on the inside of them that “compels” them with the “urge” to “watch your life”!

Maybe the mirror of you feed the need in them to believe that they are, “More important or better than you.”

Keep This Close for the Future…whether it is tomorrow or ten years from now….

My son always give me a hard time when it comes to “Religion”.  No matter how hard I try to explain to him that the Bible and Religion are two different things, He just don’t get it and throws all of His scientific videos discovery library.

He told me just the other day that if “We Christians really and truly believe that there will be a Rapture then why don’t we let people know what to do should it occur.”  So that He can’t say that He wasn’t warned, should  he not make it, I am going to take him up on that and attach this movie.

While many will have much to say, again this has nothing to do with religion but with a relationship with Jesus Christ and it is all in the Bible.  Jesus never came to set  up Religion.  He came to set up a relationship.  There is a big difference.

I know that many do not and will not believe what this movie stands for.  However, in time, the World will face this.  For all those that don’t believe, just remember that there are answers as you will find if you watch the movie now or to preserve for future days ahead.

I know that we have so much knowledge out there.  So many doubts. So many theories.  But at the end of the day, it does not matter.  The truth will be revealed.  Will it be too late?

Be blessed and should you find the time to watch these two movies, enjoy!



The Age of Consciousness

America has now become the Age of Consciousness!  What do I mean by that?  Personal experience is always the best experience!

I am a Christian by Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have had unbelievable trials in my life, so because of that and because I am not seemingly “prospering” based on the standards of the World then I am told that, “My Believing is Wrong”!

Everywhere you turn these days you will see that, “The Bible is wrong” based on so many opinions.  “Jesus is not real”. Christians are this and that.  Everybody has the answers. “All you have to do is to stay positive and things will work out.”  Sometimes things don’t just work out and there are reasons for that.

While “Positive” equals “Faith” on some level, it interferes with Faith because it overrides Faith based on what am I focusing on.  So if I just stay positive, what am I really believing. If I believe and have faith, what am I believing.

Too many people are trying to fix something that is not broken.  There have been so much gone on throughout the ages, however,faith remains. The Bible remains. God remains and above all else, Jesus remains.

All of the “Secrets” are now out of the closet.  All we have to do is believe that we are the, “I AM”.  All we have to do is “Meditate” and find peace.  All of the “Scientific” studies now talking about the brains  having the tree of life and the portals and  you name it.  Truly a new age consciousness that I heard spoken of in the past that has now become the future.

I have seen many people who try all of this “stuff” and they do get some temporal form of peace.  But when the “crisis of life happens these people have meltdowns and breakdowns and some of them take their own lives.

Now, if I go to that Bible that has been labeled as “Man made” and read the scriptures on Peace, I get a lasting peace that as the Bible describes it, a peace that passes all understanding.

So,  if I take the other road of study, where will it lead me? What is the ultimate goal of discovering that I am the, “I AM”?  How is that going to benefit me or mankind? Selfish has never been nor is it The Way.  Jesus said that, “I Am the way, the truth and the life.”

Jesus came and tried to teach that being selfish was not the way of the Father God, the creator and always will be the Master of this Universe.  That we are all children of God by faith in Jesus Christ.  But the children have grown up a bit and now wants to eliminate the parent by being in a state of consciousness and take what He created to “create.”

No matter what the latest on the “Fake Bible” or whatever names it is being called these days, The Bible has been tested and tried.  It is truly a road-map to show us how to live in this life, for yourself and how to treat others.

I am positive!  I am positively sure that our answers are in the book that we are being convinced that is no longer “real”.  But yet, it has and always will remain!  Will the age or state of consciousness remain?  Will it make it through the tests of time with proven results that will create, “The God” as I hear people refer to themselves as.

My children are of me, but they are not me and never will be, no matter how they imagine themselves to be.  They are not me but just a small piece of who I am, and so it will be and remain!


Because Justice is Blind, Some Children become victims of her Disability.

I know of a particular case of domestic violence/abuse.  For eight years the abuser tried daily to kill the girlfriend/victim.  After about 5 years into the relationship and 3 miscarriage through violence, a child was born.  Normal by all appearance considering the fact that the child survived the abuser attempting to cause a miscarriage.  The child was progressing fine.  However, by the age of 2 the mother had gotten away from him.  She remained skeptical and cordial in her effort to allow him to be a “Father” to the child so that he would not accuse her of such in court.

After the mother refused to comply with all of his demands, he assaulted her and took the child and kept him away from her for 7 days. During those 7 days,  he taunted her by telling her that her son was crying for her, and “did you get your mind right yet” about not trying to be around other men.

He then gets a local news station to do a story on him.  He admitted to the physical abuse that he did not receive one day in Jail for and the News made him look like the local hero, while the mother went through the abuse all over again.  Since he had made another recent attack on her, a Judge issued an order that she have immediate custody of her child. So she was able to get the help from the local authorities in getting her son back.  The only way for her to get the child was that she had to lure the abuser by having him think that she was having a 4th of July party.  Of course, she gets a call on wait for it….July 4th saying that he was bringing her son home in the late afternoon at party time.  The mother however had the time to get the local authorities involved to ensure that she would be getting her son back and without harm.  So, because he knew of a warrant he sent the child by his girlfriend.

For weeks after the child was returned home, the child was very angry and irritable.  He wanted to spend all his time outside as if that was the only way that he could breath.  The mother was finally able to bring comfort to the child so that he felt safe.

During a visit to his pediatrician, it was discovered that he may have Autism.  After a visit with a counselor, they diagnosed him with Autism.  Before he was taken, he had started developing words and after he was taken, nothing would come out except un-recognizable sounds.  I would summarize that the child was in a state of trauma and shock and have not been able to speak what happened to him during the time that he was taken.

The court happened and the Judge ordered the abuser to have supervised visitation and ordered him to pay child support.  He refused and did not pay child support and since he did not have access to the mother, guess what, he stopped going to the visitation because he was “uncomfortable”.

So now, 3 years later, because the mother of the child still refuses to do what the abuser wants, he files a court paper for custody.

These truths Justice does not see.  Justice does not see that an abuser commits attempted murder over and over again but is never charged for it.

So, when this abuser takes his manipulation to court with the pretense that all he wants to do is, “Be A Father”, what will Justice say to him?  He wants Justice to give him the rights to torment and threaten his victim legally in the name of I Am A Father!




Get “Rich Quick” Schemes

I love Facebook, however, my account gets bombarded with all kinds of fake accounts made off of some family or friend’s account with a great “Offer” from the “government”,  or “African Attorneys” offering me millions of dollars just to say that I was a relative of  a citizen there that is now deceased and have no living relatives there, and the list goes on and on.

I have come to witness in life that there are no legitimate “Hit it Big” or Get Rich Quick” pots out there.  I am not a “hopeful fool” with those types of expectations.

I have had to survive in life based on “Work” and maybe a few instances where someone’s heart was kind to throw in a few dollars to help out along the way.

People are ruthless and selfish thinking only on themselves.  Ill-gotten money does not go a long way.  Stealing people’s personal information and using it for selfish gains will not go a long way in life, even though you may get a temporary “fix” from it.

That’s the two headed monster of greed.  You never get enough. No matter how much you get, you want more and more and so you are driven to keep stealing, and anything else that you do to take from people in order to satisfied that monster.

The Bible tells us that if a man don’t work, he don’t or should eat. It admonishes us to watch the ant how they constantly are working and storing up.

Working won’t kill you.  It is good for the Spirit, Soul/Mind and Body, not to mention, you can acquire the things that you want in this life if you are determined enough to keep working.

So, if you want to offer me a hand and get my attention where money is concerned, only a certified check, money order or western union will suffice.  Otherwise, you are wasting your time and not mine as I will not give attention to such stupidity.





A Place Called “There”.

I was evicted out of the city of “Normal” and I am now en-route to the place called “There”.  While living in the city of Normal you find a certain level of comfort.  You live on  Predictable Avenue.  You have a predictable job schedule.  Your life runs in the “normal” cycle. Work, School, Play and Sleep.  You have security as long as things don’t go against what “Normal” represents.

When the unpredictable storms; twisters, tornadoes or hurricanes of life attack the city of Normal, most of the time you are then forced to live on the outskirts of Normal which takes you to the verge of eviction unless, you have a barricade of protection that will preserve  you until you are able to adapt back into Normal.

If the protection runs out before you can settle back to Normal then it is at that time that you have to go.  Normal can no longer sustain you.  During this eviction, you lose everything that you gained while living in Normal.  Many die trying to get out of the city however, some are fortunate to survive the eviction.

On the road to “There”, all you have to carry with you are the hopes and dreams that you did not lose in Normal.  The road is not an easy one but you can get there if you don’t quit or give up.  The road is long and winding.  It has mountains and steep hills to climb.  The road is long and winding with dangerous bridges to cross.   But, if you keep going no matter the hardship, you can make it.

Finally, some do make it.  Now, those that made it are living on Plentiful Avenue. Everywhere they look as far as the eye can see, there is nothing but plenty; peace, fulfillment and love.  Your neighbors have no need to look down on you as they are too busy trying to either stay with you or get further ahead of you.

A few of the residents there left Normal because they wanted to move out of the predictable zone.

The place called There.  A place where you no longer have to hope or dream because There already have provided all that you ever dream of or imagine.  New Life. New Peace. New Fulfillment.

Once you arrive at the place called There, you will never look back for the city of Normal.  You could never live in Normal again!